Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After my futile efforts on Google's blog search, the good folks in VRA came through and flooded me with tons of blogs dedicated (mostly) to Visual Resources. It gave me some really good ideas for, yes, another blog! I realize now that where Digital Nugget is heading is more VRCurator-centric rather than VRLibrary-centric, and both have a place in the blog roster. I'm sure I would have eventually ended up in the same place, but the VRA folks drew my attention to it a little sooner.

So now I'm all excited about the VRLibrary-centric blog as well, and can see how it would be such a useful tool to communicate with my faculty, and provide resources to them all in one place, rather than sending out random emails that often get overlooked.

Now if there was only a way to access our digital images from the blog...(I'm sure there is, but just thinking about it makes my brain bleed...)

More coffee, please!

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