Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where Did Summer Go?

Classes start next Monday! That's just crazy-talk! As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to have my image database up and running (although I had no intention of populating it at this point), but I at least wanted to be able to say, "hey! look at what I did this summer!" and hit the ground running.

Well, it's close enough, I guess. Tables and fields are created, layout has been established. Just can't get those macros. I surrender! I give in for the reason I converted to Access: because I can get on-campus help. They are having an "open house" Thursday afternoon for faculty and staff to drop by for assistance or training. Thank goodness!

I will be glad to put this behind me so I can get back to the fun stuff: like training new student assistants! (just kidding!)

Back to scanning,

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